Thursday, July 24, 2014

7-24-14 Taster

A work In Progress.... 

Looking out his window on the flight from Chicago to Hannibal, Tristan began to wonder about going back to his hometown. I can’t believe how nervous I am about going back to Hannibal, what a fiasco that was to try to explain to my parents and to Abby’s, I am really glad we all didn’t end up in jail that night. Kendra walked in to Julian’s and the world stopped, she saw us all play-acting and thought we were trying to murder Abby. But it was all Abby’s idea to begin with, she was never the prudish type date, she was always pushing the envelope on some new kick or trying some new thing back then. I guess we all were just trying to find where we fit in the scheme of things. The three of us just thought hey what the heck let’s see what this was like. We had read a magazine and seen a few videos that Abby gave us and she wanted to be the submissive one to us dominant males, in a home made torture chamber for sexual pleasures. That sounded like a real turn on back then. So we got the gear and set a date the three of us could try it out.

Kendra was supposed to be at home for the night taking care of her younger sister, but her parents decided not to go out. Talk about bad timing. Kendra showed up at Julian’s place, she was seeing him then and wanted to tell him they could hang out after all.  When she walked in on all of us, well that’s when the world stood still. We couldn’t change fast enough, or get Abby untied fast enough, hell it had taken us 20 minutes to get her that way in the first place. By the time we had gotten her untied, Kendra had come back with the town sheriff. Julian, Abby and I all had a huge amount of explaining to do, none of it good, and the whole town had heard by the next morning. Julian and I both knew we couldn’t stay there and left a few days later.

I am so glad he and I have managed to keep our friendship I know Julian will be at Tierra’s wedding and that gives me a bit more courage in my attending. I am looking forward to seeing my sister, we have always been close and I am happy for her and her marriage. It will be nice to see the girls too. I really had a huge crush on Kendra back then and if she had not been seeing Julian, well, things might just have been a bit different for all of us.”

More of her guests had arrived and Tierra went to her room to finish getting ready for her big day, Kendra had remained her best friend over the years and was now here as her maid of honor, helping Tierra in her final moments of being a single woman awaiting her trip down the isle.

As Kendra was getting herself ready sitting in front of her mirror, she began to think of the last time all of them were all together.” I Keep having flash backs of that night, when I walked in on the three of them at Julian’s home. Abby bound, gaged and spread across that table blind folded, the two of them taking turns flogging her with a leather cat O nine tails, dressed in black leather thongs. Then there was me, as innocent as could be at the time. Not that in eight years I have gained all that much more education in the area of bondage or the whole BDSM life style, but at least now I would not become hysterical. And certainly not run and alert the sheriff. In any small town news travels fast, but this kind of news …traveled like greased lightening.

 Tristen’s reputation as the town football hero and all around good guy was irreparably tarnished, Julian the black sheep of the town, well that just added to his bad boy image all the more. And Abby, well she’s tried to live it down, she really has, but ultimately people remember her as the innocent victim of two sex crazed deviants. All of it because I walked in and freaked out…When I left Julian’s house screaming and thought Abby was being murdered.  I mean talk about sheltered childhood; I guess mine was the most sheltered ever. Back then my family never talked about sex, let alone things that people outside the mainstream of vanilla sex, can do with each other in the privacy off their own bedrooms.  And to be honest a part of me now wishes I was participating in that scene with them, I am so tired of being the “good girl” I want to experiment, try new things but with people I trust, not just some random guy that might hurt me. Maybe talking to Julian or Tristen at the wedding will do some good. But I have not seen either of them since about a week after that episode at Julian’s place eight years ago. They had both promised to come for Tierra’s wedding. I really want to see where this reunion could lead, and if either of them is still into the whole bondage scene.”


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  2. Intriguing read. You have set the stage for an "anything may happen reunion".