Thursday, March 27, 2014

Todays taster: Ode to a PHOTOGRAPH

Jon VanGilder

Darkness has it own life, different from day, mysterious and seductive, transformational, and yet to some even frightening. I set out to capture its essence in the stillness that surrounded me. Magnified by the illumination of tiny lights looking down this corridor. I see a wet street filled eerily with fog with no sign of life. It’s reflection in puddles from the recent rain, cast an other worldly dimension to this image of quiet emptiness. Walking past closed shops, and forgotten alleyways, it’s like moving through time back to a street in a dickens classic novel of gaslights and cobblestones.

A photograph can say a thousand things to a thousand different people, continually finding new meaning with each new gaze, and thus the story becomes eternal. So to that end, I look through the lens yet one more time, aligning my exposures and aperture settings to maximize the effects, and create the finest illusion possible. 

The shutter clicks, and the image is forever preserved in time. Never to be lost or relegated only to the confines of my memory, for I would never adequately be able to explain that which my eye can see in words. But, with the timelessness of a photograph, ahhhh yes with that, I leave to the world a legacy of inspiration, elegance, and beauty that otherwise might never have been seen, and quite possibly would have gone overlooked.


  1. A very well written, nay painted tribute to the magic of photography. Thanks for reminding me of the very reason I bought my first Camera in pursuit of my hobby, Photography.

  2. Beautifully written, with so much truth spoken in very few words Elegant words of inspiration, as just in the blink of an eye or the time it takes to photograph, a moment in time is captured. Love your taster

  3. Your writing so appropriately decribes a writer's validity and creativity. This one line defines it neatly. "A photograph can say a thousand things to a thousand different people,..." Beautifully crafted.

  4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Beautiful capturing of an experience. The use of one art form to convey the magic of creating another... Gorgeous writing - really transports the reader to that dark wet street.

  6. What a beautiful description of photography and its impact.