Saturday's AfterDark Moments....

After dark when the suns gone down, heat rises and passion is unbound.... 
What is YOUR after dark moment???????

January 31st 2014

Susanna turned out the lights and went to her room, it was late she’s had difficulty sleeping since Trevor’s been away on business. After all they were newlyweds, she missed him in their bed. Taking off her robe she climbed into bed, sexy, mischievous thoughts running through her mind and drifted off to sleep. 

Quietly he crept in, sure the click of the door locks would wake her, glad when he found it hadn’t. Setting the roses on the bedside table Trevor slipped out of his clothes, watching Susanna lying before him  illuminated by the moons glow, bed tangled hair,  sheet gracefully outlining her curves , her breasts rising with each breath. His arousal as well as his cock growing impatient in need for her. 

Trevor eased himself into their bed lying on his side next to her, gently sweeping the hair from her face, he pulled back the sheet exposing her breasts and taunt nipples. Running his hand up her leg, over her tummy he cupped her breast, bending his head to taste her.

Still asleep Susanna stirred slightly and arched toward him out of habit. He licked her nipples and kissed her running soft nibbles from her breast to her neck. He moved closer to her, his now throbbing member pulsing against her thigh, as his hands fondled there way to the apex of her legs. Gently he moved his hand between them, her wetness felt good, he massaged her clit,  a moan of pleasure slipped from her lips. Her head turned toward him, he captured her full lips in a kiss. Susanna’s eyes jerked open, but he held her firmly in his arms his lips still on hers.

“It’s just me, I came home early to surprise you, it’s ok relax” 

His words soothing and reassuring her, she immediately fell back into his arms kissing him again hard and deep. she could feel his cock against her and reached down to stroke him, while their tongues entwined tasting each other. She had missed him and wanted him to know how much. Susanna moved smoothly onto her side and pushed Trevor onto his back still stroking his pulsing cock, she nibbled at his erect nipples, he gasped, she artfully kissed, nibbled and sucked her way to his sex, placing light butterfly kisses on the tip as she continued to stroke him. 

His hands guiding her to take him in her mouth, sucking him and licking he shudders near climax, she stops. straddling him she bends to capture his mouth with hers, and slowly lowers herself over his hard shaft teasing him with her wetness. In one quick move he rolls her onto her back, pinning her arms above her head. He wanted to cum but moved slowly in and out of her wet pussy giving her pleasure, then faster, harder he pumped, Susanna cried out and he came pulsing deep inside her wetness. Smiling she kissed him and they both collapsed in a heap of arms and legs on the bed.

January 25th 2014

It’s after midnight, he’s still not here. what a waste, the rose petals, the scented massage oils on the bedside table, the still unopened champagne chilling in the fridge.

“God, why do I do this, make these plans and then let him walk all over me, WHY!!!!?” I scream at no one in particular. 

In the living room, the phones ringing, I  wonder if I really need to answer it, just to hear the new improved excuse as to why he isn’t here. Reluctantly, I begin the short walk, lifting the receiver. 

“Hello, Bob, I really don’t want to heart it Ok, I am tired, lets just say you had important meetings late, and…”

“ Amanda… Amanda….It’s not Bob, Amanda. It’s Sam I know it’s late but, I was just thinking about about you and well, I decided to call.”

“Oh,  Hi, Sam, Bob was supposed to have been here hours ago, he never showed up. I am glad you called.”

“Amanda, we have been friends a longtime, we need to talk”

“Listen Sam, come on over, I have an entire dinner going to waste, come share it with me, and we can talk then, Ok?”

Ok, But, are you sure you want company, Now?”

“Of course I do, you’re just upstairs silly, come on down.”

“Alright, see you in minute.” 

Sitting on the sofa, looking out over the cityscape and skyline of Los Angeles. Momentarily lost in my thoughts, waiting for Sam to arrive. 

“Amanda, you didn’t hear the door so I let myself in”

“That’s ok Sam, hell, you should have a key we’ve known each other so long.”

I turned to face Sam, it’s funny how you can know someone for years, and never really see them. Why have I not noticed him before, his rugged good looks, the way he carries himself. His tussled brown hair and the way his dark eyes cast a golden glow in the moonlight. 

“Sam, did I ever tell you  how handsome you are?”

“Well, No Amanda, I can’t recall you ever having done that”

“Maybe I just noticed, you know you are Quite handsome, my friend, a wonderful male specimen, quite something to behold actually. Tell me what was it you wanted to talk about?”

“let me just show you Amanda.”

Sam walks over to Amanda, holds out his hand, she takes it without hesitation. He lifts her to her feet, pulling her so close that he can feel her breath on his chest.  Trembling, Sam lifts her chin and gently kisses her moist lips, one hand fisting in her long silky golden locks, pulling her deeper into his kiss. The other palm sensuously running down her back resting on her buttocks moving her hips closer to his. Amanda can feel his arousal. pulling away, without a word, she takes his hand leading him through the petals of roses strewn on the floor toward the bedroom. 

“Amanda, ?”

“Yes, Sam.”

I don’t want to be, just friends any longer”

“We aren’t Sam, we’re more, much more”


  1. A heart broken evening has changed into a very romantic night. Just when Amanda needed someone. IOt's funny how people strive for relationships with people who don't click when there is a best friend next to us who fits the score. I hope Sam and Amanda find the love they seek.

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words and praise hugs T

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment and yes it is ironic on many levels....

  3. We look and look and look but never see that which awaits us all. This was a bittersweet end and beginning for them both, I do believe. Very romantic :) xo

    1. Thank you Muffy hugs T I have a really good friend that we would have ended different in life had we each made other choices, we remained friends a really long time (45 years) and he passed away recently .. this is sorta for him...

  4. Very romantic! Welcome to Saturday's AfterDark Moments. And I love the way you put it to us about the Saturday event... "AfterDark is where the sun goes down, the heat rises, and passions unbound." I was hoping to use that tagline with your permission.

    Great job!

    1. be my guest its all good hugs T
      and thank you :)

  5. Beautifully written piece her pain and heartache replaced by someone so close she couldn't see the truth

  6. It's a very yummy scene there. Wow, very erotic Theresa, It's just one thing I wish you did here, put it on your home post. I almost got confused in commenting your great work, because of the conflict from last week. Lovely piece!