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A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas. Writers produce various forms of literary art.  Creative writing, Content, and Copywriting, News and Article writing, Novels, Short Stories or essays, are just some examples. Skilled writers are able to use language to express ideas, convey thoughts, or call you to action, and their work contributes significantly to the cultural and business content of a society. 

Writers produce material across a number of genres, both in fictional and non-fictional formats.

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Jon VanGilder

Darkness has it own life, different from day, mysterious and seductive, transformational, and yet to some even frightening. I set out to capture its essence in the stillness that surrounded me. Magnified by the illumination of tiny lights looking down this corridor. I see a wet street filled eerily with fog with no sign of life. It’s reflection in puddles from the recent rain, cast an other worldly dimension to this image of quiet emptiness. Walking past closed shops, and forgotten alleyways, it’s like moving through time back to a street in a dickens classic novel of gaslights and cobblestones.

A photograph can say a thousand things to a thousand different people, continually finding new meaning with each new gaze, and thus the story becomes eternal. So to that end, I look through the lens yet one more time, aligning my exposures and aperture settings to maximize the effects, and create the finest illusion possible. 

The shutter clicks, and the image is forever preserved in time. Never to be lost or relegated only to the confines of my memory, for I would never adequately be able to explain that which my eye can see in words. But, with the timelessness of a photograph, ahhhh yes with that, I leave to the world a legacy of inspiration, elegance, and beauty that otherwise might never have been seen, and quite possibly would have gone overlooked.

Copywrite Theresa Stuart 2017


Good Morning Reader;

Criminal Justice Essay

In the beginning, there was to some degree chaos in the disputes of all things human. We have our own opinions, desires and wants. We needed a system to look at the many ways offenses against us occur, both bodily and of personal property, along with ways to confront and understand both sides of the issue. Allowing us to make decisions regarding if either party had been wronged. Creating a system to decide what the damages to the wronged individual would be, in both areas of actual damage and punitive damage. (Additional punishments for morally wronged or particularly heinous offenses.)

As a new country, we adopted what we knew, English Common Law. By the end of the 19th century we had divided our legal system into CRIMINAL and CIVIL jurisdictions with our Criminal laws dictated by “Penal Codes”, subjectively run by our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and ultimately determined by our Supreme Court Justices. In some cases, we abandoned the common law practices altogether.

There are many things about the way we administer criminal law in the US, it has a very broad scope of outlined ways to handle any given area of crimes against a person or their property, wherein both the Victim and the Alleged perpetrator of the crime have rights and responsibilities under our criminal statutes. 

There are limitations, ambiguities, personalities of particular judges, and different ways of interpreting our laws, Making the reading of judges opinions and decisions not only interesting and educational but telling as to the social climate and popular opinions of the citizenry of the US at the time of the decisions rendering.  

We can also see that there seems to be no one-right-way or one particular decision that “fits all” and this is as it should be. There are many factors that can sway a judicial decision, for or against the crime or the criminal in question. This gives us great latitude in the administering of our laws, and greater perceived fairness.

I believe working in the criminal justice system is a great way to explore the many facets of human nature and behavior. It gives us a good understanding of the basic human personality and struggles for survival, proactiveness, and benevolence as well as greed, wants and dominance over others. These basic premises can be applied to almost all areas of criminal behavior encompassing a large variety of personality types and social norms, inside of learned or inherent behaviors. Because of these factors not only is criminal law about the law itself but also it is about the human condition as a whole. We can observe a great many diversities and prejudices as well as commonalities among our fellow man, by looking at how we as a society handle and administer our criminal element and the offenses they commit.

We have tried, I believe in vain and without merit, to offer fairness in the judicial processes. I believe that we are still seeking ways to find some common ground for the ability to allow for all alleged criminal to have fairness, but at the same time remembering that the victim is not the one on trial, and should not be treated as if they are.

Any individual interested in an Administration of Justice degree and criminal law in particular, could lead to new ways of interpreting our Bill of Rights and the general verbiage of the Constitution, by them becoming an attorney in the criminal area. Leading down the road to being a justice, giving them the ability to render their own decisions, create new ways of working with the legal system as a whole and allowing for  “New Eyes” so to speak, to see innovative ways to succeed where others have not.

In conclusion we as a society run by human minds that can and do falter, need to adopt a vision of seeing the crimes against us in ways other than that of the criminal being non-productive and bad individual. To seeing them as broken in some way in need of addressing a solution to allow them to be whole and healed. While at the same time using great discernment in this same area, so as not to allow the habitual offenders, ones that seem not to be able to be healed, back into society to inflict more damage. While keeping in mind that we really do have finite resources to deal with incarcerated individuals.

We have a fine line to address here, one that requires a broad understanding of human nature, behavior, and mental capacity, coupled with a sense of justice and fairness for all involved.  Looking at new and different ways of working with those that commit crimes against us.

"Film Major"

Tantilizing Tuesday post

Like electric current, her touch sent shivers through my body. My shackled hands longed to feel her soft, supple skin. Toying with me, she ran her delicate fingers over my erect and wanting nipples. 

With each breathless word and every move she made, Talia seemed oblivious to the camera that was capturing her. From the corner of my eye I could glimpse the screen, Erotic, sexy and seductive. She took control, for the first time she seemed free and followed no particular agenda; methodically she hovered over me, close enough to feel the warmth of her breath on my skin, yet to distant for my mouth to capture hers. 

What delightful torture she was. Talia pushed my knees apart then slinked between them like a cat on the prowl, slowly, sensually she moved forward brushing her lips to mine. Instinctively I went to draw her to me, the shackles clanked against the barren wall, I was reminded I was a prisoner, bound by her love and lust. 

Again she grazed her mouth to mine, beginning a slow rhythmic decent, her moist tongue gently, eagerly, caressing my taunt nipples. What decadent agony she could elicit from my body. My breath hitched...................

"A Gilded Cage"

Tantalizing Tuesday once again......
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Preparing her mind, as she dressed for his pleasure. Never having seen her face only the suppleness of her lips and the depth of her eyes, these were his windows to her soul. Adorned in jewels and feathers, yet nothing more. Obediently she awaited his arrival. His particular tastes were well known to her, the sting his crop, the slap of his hand, the softness of his mouth on her most private parts. She was his body and soul. Pleasure and pain walked hand in hand with him, rewards exquisite and expeditiously given, his punishments harsh. Yet he loved deeply.

"The Leather Rose"

A work In Progress.... 

Looking out his window on the flight from Chicago to Hannibal, Tristan began to wonder about going back to his hometown. I can’t believe how nervous I am about going back to Hannibal, what a fiasco that was to try to explain to my parents and to Abby’s, I am really glad we all didn’t end up in jail that night. Kendra walked in to Julian’s and the world stopped, she saw us all play-acting and thought we were trying to murder Abby. But it was all Abby’s idea to begin with, she was never the prudish type date, she was always pushing the envelope on some new kick or trying some new thing back then. I guess we all were just trying to find where we fit in the scheme of things. The three of us just thought hey what the heck let’s see what this was like. We had read a magazine and seen a few videos that Abby gave us and she wanted to be the submissive one to us dominant males, in a home made torture chamber for sexual pleasures. That sounded like a real turn on back then. So we got the gear and set a date the three of us could try it out.

Kendra was supposed to be at home for the night taking care of her younger sister, but her parents decided not to go out. Talk about bad timing. Kendra showed up at Julian’s place, she was seeing him then and wanted to tell him they could hang out after all.  When she walked in on all of us, well that’s when the world stood still. We couldn’t change fast enough, or get Abby untied fast enough, hell it had taken us 20 minutes to get her that way in the first place. By the time we had gotten her untied, Kendra had come back with the town sheriff. Julian, Abby and I all had a huge amount of explaining to do, none of it good, and the whole town had heard by the next morning. Julian and I both knew we couldn’t stay there and left a few days later.

I am so glad he and I have managed to keep our friendship I know Julian will be at Tierra’s wedding and that gives me a bit more courage in my attending. I am looking forward to seeing my sister, we have always been close and I am happy for her and her marriage. It will be nice to see the girls too. I really had a huge crush on Kendra back then and if she had not been seeing Julian, well, things might just have been a bit different for all of us.”

More of her guests had arrived and Tierra went to her room to finish getting ready for her big day, Kendra had remained her best friend over the years and was now here as her maid of honor, helping Tierra in her final moments of being a single woman awaiting her trip down the isle.

As Kendra was getting herself ready sitting in front of her mirror, she began to think of the last time all of them were all together.” I Keep having flash backs of that night, when I walked in on the three of them at Julian’s home. Abby bound, gaged and spread across that table blind folded, the two of them taking turns flogging her with a leather cat O nine tails, dressed in black leather thongs. Then there was me, as innocent as could be at the time. Not that in eight years I have gained all that much more education in the area of bondage or the whole BDSM life style, but at least now I would not become hysterical. And certainly not run and alert the sheriff. In any small town news travels fast, but this kind of news …traveled like greased lightening.

 Tristen’s reputation as the town football hero and all around good guy was irreparably tarnished, Julian the black sheep of the town, well that just added to his bad boy image all the more. And Abby, well she’s tried to live it down, she really has, but ultimately people remember her as the innocent victim of two sex crazed deviants. All of it because I walked in and freaked out…When I left Julian’s house screaming and thought Abby was being murdered.  I mean talk about sheltered childhood; I guess mine was the most sheltered ever. Back then my family never talked about sex, let alone things that people outside the mainstream of vanilla sex, can do with each other in the privacy off their own bedrooms.  And to be honest a part of me now wishes I was participating in that scene with them, I am so tired of being the “good girl” I want to experiment, try new things but with people I trust, not just some random guy that might hurt me. Maybe talking to Julian or Tristen at the wedding will do some good. But I have not seen either of them since about a week after that episode at Julian’s place eight years ago. They had both promised to come for Tierra’s wedding. I really want to see where this reunion could lead, and if either of them is still into the whole bondage scene.”

Article (Social Media BLOG post)

Theresa Stuart (for Client)

“A look at Social Media- A personal perspective….”

The term “Social Media” today seems to bring about the vision of marketing, of the offering of products and services, with an emphasis on the “media” end of things. It has become a highly sought after marketplace for individuals, advertising guru’s and wall street savvy professionals. Trying to gain market shares, sell their wares or offer any number of services to a growing and changing public. 

But for me, social media has an entirely different perspective with an equally different meaning and the emphasis being on the “social” part of it.  I have been on-line now for a number of years and had many varying experiences from the casual hello, to marriage proposals from men I have not so much as talked to. All in all, the experiences have mostly been positive, albeit they have been viewed through cyber world spectacles, most of them are as real as if it was happening in my own home, and frequently it feels that way. 

The most gratifying part, of my online social experience, has been the friendships, insights and knowledge I have received from an audience I would not have even been exposed to without the advent of the social media craze. 

Facebook in particular, has had a huge impact on my life in many different areas. I have made friendships with people; gone to places on this globe I have yet to experiences in person, and learned more about other life styles, cultures and people, than reading about them in a hundred books on the subject. 

I have been fortunate enough to fill my mind with adventures and knowledge, that I otherwise would never have known. It has been my great privilege and pleasure to be a part of such a growing and interesting group of people. 

I’ve heard so many differing opinions of the “On-line” friend.  People tell me “They can’t possibly be a real friend; you’ve yet to even meet face to face” or “how can you trust this person or that; you don’t KNOW them” or “well, take it all with a grain of salt, because it just might be an illusion, from someone’s imagination”. 

All of these statements can be true, and I am sure are true, of a small minority of folks that would take advantage of you or worse, even if you had met them face to face. BUT… I can say from my own personal experience here, that it is indeed the minority. 

I have met some of the finest people, made true and real friendships, been involved in undertakings both for business and for pleasure that would not ever have happened had I relied ONLY on traditional means of interaction with others. 

Having met many of these “online friends” in person, after long and truly satisfying friendships, through initially online writings and photographs, they were everything and more of the person I felt they were from the beginning. Not at any such time have I been manipulated, used, nor have I been the victim of any scandal or mistreatment. You may say I have been lucky, or you can do as I do and choose to see the good in others, in life itself, and acting accordingly… 

Once you make that choice all the rest is easy and fun. 

One of the key issues that I see, for those of us (adults over 40) that use social media. We did not grow up in a computer-oriented world and the learning curve for us is a bit greater than anyone under 30.  I struggled for several years to “get the hang of” what my children were telling me was so simple and easy. 

It was a frustrating and sometimes down right irritating experience. Once I was able to participate in this Cyber-World and interact with others in a way they could relate to and understand. I had a much better experience. 

The world of Social Media is here to stay and we cannot get away from that issue. There are many, many good things to come from this and just as many an avenue for disaster. 

First; there is the issue of what can or should be seen by what audiences. Second; there is the issue of how much time is TOO MUCH time online. Third; you have advertisers that you need to contend with. Fourth how does this online social interaction differ from actually interacting socially in a local bar or other meeting place, with local people in person? Andlast; but certainly not least; as parents in a cyber-world how do we realistically address all the above situations and still keep our children safe?

As a parent of five grown children and 12 grandchildren and as a proponent to free speech, against suppression and censorship. Let me include a commentary I wrote to address the issue of what our children see and how we can interact safely online;

“There is to my knowledge in this country (USA) at least, no one entity that has the right to Censor nor suppress our rights to free speech and the offering of Artwork, and/or other creative endeavors.

I have seen many a post and rebuttal of late here on Facebook from those who would try to take it upon themselves to be just that, the personal watchdog of Censorship and Suppression. Even some of the FaceBook administration seems to be on that bandwagon.

Herein is my opinionon this situation; 
WE (collectively those here online and predominantly on Facebook) all each and every one of us, has a wall, we like, and we dislike an array of different things that are offered, based on our INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAL taste. Within that wall, page or posting, we have the right to turn OFF those things which do not suit us, that which we find offensive, and leave on and visible that which we like and wish to participate in. We have a choice.

WE ALWAYS have a choice as to what we want to see and read and what we do not. 

Therefore, NO ONE has the right to decide for ME (us), NO ONE has the right to take away an offering from here that others may find offensive, or off color or not within the realm of the way they think, feel or live.  It is MY choice and MY decision as to what I feel is right for ME and my family.

 Certainly it is not some random entity or person deciding for me. 

For many millennia, art and creative expression has used the human form, both clothed and nude for its expression. For centuries those who chose to look at it, do and those who chose otherwise, do not. 

Yes, there may be some who find certain types of artful expression offensive, and we as individuals have the right NOT to be forced to participate in that which we individually find as such. HENSE the HIDE and DELETE and REMOVE buttons as well as the ability to not see (block) postings from various pages and persons. 

You as individualsneed to LEARN to USE the TOOLS given to you for these very purposes! It’s  not advisable nor is it fair, to make others conform to your way of thinking, any more than it is advisable to force YOU to participate in theirs. 

We all need to learn TOLERANCE, DISCERNMENT and RESPECT for other ways of thinking and acting, especially in the realms of creative expression. For which there are as many ways as there are people.

We are all, at least I like to think we are; Educated, Modern, Open minded individuals. We need not participate in engendered, racial and religious judgments of others. Those of YOU who ARE acting in this manner, I put it to you this way;  

YOU would NOT want the reverse to be happening to YOU! To be forced to see or not see at someone else’s standards.

We are still all free to voice our opinions; I am grateful for this right and will support anyone who avails himself of it. Regardless of whether I personally agree with what they have to say or not. WE cannot go back to the dark ages, we cannot CENSOR and SUPRESS opinions, art or any other such endeavor. It is simply wrong.” 

I truly believe that we (collectively the human race) will always have disputes and opposing opinions as to what is and what is not acceptable for public viewing. We need to all remain in an open-minded state on this issue.

So on to the next topic, of how much is too much viewing?
Regulating time online for all of us whether it is a child in your home or for yourself.  Not so easy as it may seem, it is so very easy to get lost in time, when online.  “Lost in time” what is that you may ask. 

Let me explain; when I first was learning to use social media, I spent many an hour just trying to understand terminology and use of my computer, just learning the “lingo” and how to interact. It was like learning a foreign language and I lost many hours to this learning phase. That is only one aspect of “lost in time” during the learning curve of social media, as I progressed into the NEWBIE state of things and was getting the hang, so to speak of how to interact and where to look for certain information. I found that I literally “lost” hours upon hours of time. 

When you are looking through hundreds of thousands of pieces of information, be it for personal use or for job related use, for research of a project or any number of other reasons to be online and searching. You have no concept of time; it is as if you are in a hypnotic state and suspended in those moments. Being that I am certified in hypnotherapy I can tell you that is it a similar state, you are deeply engrossed in your reading or chatting or “looking” so much so that you have lowered your brain waves to a Theta or learning meditative state, this is also true of video games and reading a good book being so deep in concentration where time passes and you have no idea how long you have been doing that activity, but all of a sudden you realize that hours have passed. 

With that said; it can be a daunting task to try to regulate time online. However, I feel it is definitely a necessity to do so. For a variety of reasons, most importantly you don’t want to have any health effects from being in front of a monitor for numerous hours without any type of a break. You need to move around, and get outside. So I try to limit the time I personally spend and that my grand children spend online not based on a particular amount of hours or minutes but based on the project at hand or the needed information to be collected. Once a particular task has been completed get up walk around, go outside in the sunshine, play with your dog, just do something that is not in a seated place, this will keep active, moving, blood flowing, and lungs filled. 

Our next big question, is advertising;  
There is now and will continue to be more advertising online than one can deal with; email boxes are over flowing with advertisers trying to get us to be a part of their market shares.  Everyone in business wants YOU to see it, buy it, get it, eat it, wear it, go to it, stay in it, camp at it, ride on or in it, WHERE does it STOP it is dizzying. So how do we contend with the onslaught of social media advertising as a non-business entity? 

Learning to use tools that email programs offer is a good start. But you will still be inundated IF you just haphazardly click here and there and don’t pay attention to what you are “LIKE”ing.  You would not haphazardly go to the store and start offering to support every item that is on the shelf, you have preferences you make decisions and have opinions. So why on a social media site do you feel compelled to “LIKE” everything offered to you? Being selective of your likes and wants online, (just a you are in life) will help you to not be inundated with unwanted information or an over load of unreadable and inappropriate information for you.

Which brings me specifically to the Facebook genre, having the most friends on Facebook is not he goal, as a regular everyday user. Yes, for a business it is and usually will be “The Goal” but for an individual like you or me, I see FaceBook as a place to meet others, to learn new things and to interact with other cultures and people we would not normally come into contact with. 

It is a place for having a cup of coffee with a friend, for sharing photographs, for looking at life in different ways. We share stories and jokes and things about our lives. We are positioned with a personal online presence to meet others with similar interests and opinions. As well as those who’s opinions and interests are vastly different from our own, which in turn allows us to gain broader insights and grow as a person.

In a very real sense there is camaraderie and community spirit unlike you’ll find in any other social situation. People will come to your aid, defend your position, offer moral and even financial support if need be, and most don’t ask for a thing in return. 

Let me share just two personal stories of my own here with you now; 

Recently, I had been ill, a few of my closer friends online specifically on Facebook, had been discussing this with me. In the course of talking a few others entered the conversation, to make a long story short, I had mentioned I was having a bit of a financial problem due to lack of work because of this particular illness. Now mind you I was NOTasking for any help from any of my friends online. That is what is important to note here… Not once was anyone asked or eluded to that I wanted them to help me in anyway other than a prayer or two or happy thoughts that things would get better soon.

Anyway a bout a week went by from that particular conversation and I started getting anonymous cards at my Post Office Box wishing me well, and hoping I got back on my feet soon, but that was not the astonishing part of it I was getting money! Cash money obviously from the people I had told about my situation, but none of them identified themselves, none of the cards or letters I got had a name or a return address on them, all in all I got enough to take care of most of my monthly bills for two months in a row. Now I could not thank anyone in particular, no one left a name on the cards I received. But I did post a huge thank you note on my Facebook wall to all the “Secrete Angels” that helped me out when I was in need. 

These are people that I have never met face to face; live in various countries around the world, some of them from the UK, India, Australia and Canada. All of them sent me cash in envelopes (from their respective countries) to help me get through a bad time. Their generosity and kindness to me was so Profound, unexpected and genuinely altruistic I was overwhelmed with gratitude and loving care for them. 

Another such example is with what I did for a living, and what I wanted to do to earn a living. All of my life for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be writer, to tell stories, and write articles and poetry from the heart. I had never thought I would get paid to do this. Consequently, until a few years ago I had never shared my writing with anyone, ( a good way NOT to get published; I Know) But then one day, I was online talking to a friend,  he said something about poems and writing and we had a discussion about authors and the business of getting published one thing lead to another and I ended up sending this person a few of my poems and short stories (something I never had the courage to do previously). Again not to ramble on, but at this persons insistence, It lead to my considering a few things and joining a few writers’ groups, all-online, from all over the globe. 

I started to get interest in my writing, people were offering to pay me to write commissioned poems and other things like articles. I then joined a few more groups on FaceBook and ended up through my connections and friends on a social media site finding a publisher and getting my first book published, that too would never have happened had it not been for social media this publisher is in another state about 1800 miles from me we would never have met, had it not been for the catalyst of the online FaceBook groups I belonged to and friends of friends. 

I am (always have been, just didn’t know it. LOL) a writer, and I write for a living. I enjoy most of my days and my financial difficulties, although not yet behind me, are lessening with each forward step I take in the online world. 

Now, I am not saying this is impossible in the off-line world, not at all, but I do believe it would have taken me a greater time to reach these goals using more traditional methods. Certainly, one thing I do know, is this; that no one in Norway, India, nor in Australia would have asked me for work or offered to pay me for stories had I not been available on-line. So, from a purely personal view, I believe that an online presence, will in ways you can’t possibly foresee offer opportunity to the everyday person, which keeps an open mind. 

I am confident that through social media we can all learn things and grow. Personal development is a strong factor in many a person’s ability to move forward in life, and in there own spheres of influence.  

Through the use of Blogs, Tweets, Pages, Forums and emails, access to personal development is also on the rise, giving the non business user a chance for growth they might not have other wise had at their disposal. Any one that has had one of those famous “AH HA” moments in life will tell you that the more you allow yourself to grow and enrich you life, the more things just naturally come your way. 

Through the use of social media, we get exposure to some of the world’s greatest leaders in this field, as well as many others. Even if that is not what we are looking for and had no idea it was of importance in our own life journey. 

Personal growth is the for runner to learning, learning the fore runner to earning on a personal scale, in that the more you grow as a person, the more you have to offer others and the more aware you become of how you can not only benefit yourself. But more importantly, benefit the others around you. You also learn how to give back, and why it becomes important to do so. 

The old approach to personal growth, of finding the right seminar, the right guru, the right path, or the correct mindset spending thousands of dollars on systems, retreats and seminars has become unnecessary for the average individual. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful and needed courses and seminars out there, by some of the best in the business. I highly and whole heartedly recommend some of them in my Coaching business to my clients. But, for now here in this context, we are talking about a personal approach and opinion of the social media scene. 

With that said, on a purely personal search for growth one only need to look for feeds, blogs, and free newsletters from the best of the best offering the basics of how to grow on a personal level. 

The kindnesses of total strangers will surprise and delight you as move through making your own personal statements and of offering you opinions to others in a constructive way. 

You may feel I am not qualified to write in such things, but I have been involved in the social media scene since its inception. My ex-husband was one of the original developers of the MSN network the very first social network to reach across the oceans and allow you to talk to and meet others from other countries talking in real time, then came along the, AOL, ICQ and IRS networks that also allowed real time discussion. Add to that the now king of social media FaceBook and its counter parts of LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many others it is difficult not to grow personally if you immerse yourself in these communities. 

Your horizons are broadened and you naturally see new points of view and different perspectives. How can you help but grow as a person? 

Something wonderful happens when you go through these growing pains. You find you want to help others to do the same, and just naturally as a part of your day, you start to make referrals and offer insights, opinions, you give reviews of others work and point friends in a direction that can benefit them, or you might offer to be the sounding board for someone’s project. 

You do all this with no thought of “what’s in it for me” and others then follow your lead and do the same. It has become one large pond of fish helping other fish grow and become better than they were alone. 

I am indebted to and grateful for all of my friends, acquaintances and followers on my different Facebook Pages and my websites. My life has been enhanced and changed far beyond anything that would have happened in my own backyard, and I will eternally be glad I took the time to be part of the Social media Scene.

From a purely personal point of view on my part I see Social Media and the relationships created online to be very much the same as those created in real time face to face situation. People come and go in your life. Friendships become stronger and some just naturally fall away. 

We meet, we interact, and we work and play together. On line or off, we change and grow as individuals. We help each other through the good and sometimes the not so good of daily life. We become a support system for each other and for family members as well. 

Through Social media we meet our birth parents and extended families. We learn tolerance from our neighbors and understand the differences in other cultures, which in turn let us alleviate many the fears associated with the unknown, giving all us a broader understanding of the world we live and work in. 

Use of personal Social Media gives us the ability as individuals to over come prejudices and preconceived ideas of what other people in other parts of the world really believe and think. We find we are all not so different as we may have thought. We find new ways of self-expression, and new avenues of creating the life we had always wanted for our families and ourselves. 

Through the use of Social-media we can create what ever we can conceive. There is always someone that has done or become what we are trying to do, we can learn from them, and find a way to accomplish our goals as well. 

People, places and things are only as real as we allow them to become. Social Media is just one more avenue that opens our mind and our hearts to the persons we really are. I’ve heard people tell me that online personas are a fa├žade, fake, and people hide behind masks… In some, maybe in all cases that is true to a degree, but if that is the case, it also allows these same people behind the facades to come out of their shells and feel safe in doing so. It allows people to explore who they really are in a safe and friendly environment, without the fears associated in other aspects of life. 

People online in social settings can find communities to TRY ON for size and fit to see if that is indeed the person they are or want to become. It gives people a certain freedom, to explore areas they may never have been able to in a purely face-to-face world. 

I have found that for the most part, the people I have seen and interacted with online are far more honest about who and what they stand for, and are far more available for discussion of differing viewpoints, and are more apt to listen to others than in many a face-to-face gathering. Fake, phony, hiding behind masks, or false facades?  This is the way of the world to a certain degree, and you see it in your lives everyday with the ones you love, and your family, those you work with and personal friendships. Just how well do you really know, the people, whom you know? 

People will always keep parts of themselves hidden away for fear of what others may think. It is not proprietary to Social media and online relationships, and never will be.

My suggestion….

Dive in and see where Social Media leads you. Find your niche. Explore who you are. Learn and grow, become more open and more tolerant. I am convinced you can’t find a better place for all of that, than in personal Social Media.  

Happy Socializing….  I’d love to hear about your travels into cyberspace… 

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