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Every FRIDAY some very talented authors get together to broaden their horizons and stretch their boundaries; we are all given then same image and must write a complete story in 100-words exactly. Please join me and the rest of us for FLASH FICTION FRIDAYS and enjoy all the original works we offer.... thanks T

WARNING..... some of what you are about to read is ADULT content and may not be suitable for anyone under 18. And might be found offensive by others.

Feb 14th (Happy Valetines Day Lovers) 

Sunken by mighty waves that splintered and claimed her ship. Alone here she sits, gracefully upon the earth, alive. Pearls still adorning her hair,  customary tattoos of a bride remained decorating her flesh. Unashamed in her nakedness. looking about her, all seemed lost. The mirror from her cabin floating as she plucked it from the sea, glancing in it, seeing not her own reflection, but that of her Bridegroom. Tears fell as he called her name, searching. She watched in helpless silence unable to aid him. Vowing to the powers of the earth they would be reunited again one day.

Feb 7th

Chandra’s auburn locks glistened in the morning light, against the green backdrop of the grassy meadow where she slept. Her still undiscovered tattoo, a gift of protection from the fairies. The hunting party stared, wondering from whence she had come. Startled by the sound of voices, Chandra sat up and backed away. Her gold flecked eyes darting about, becoming narrow and hooded when one spoke of the auburn wolf they searched for. Offering her food and shelter, they tried to comfort her. But, Chandra knew better than to stay this full moon night. Her alter ego; was the very wolf they sought.

January 31st
Their enjoyment and passion in each other was unmistakable and contagious,
Just watching the interaction, one could see they were enamored with each other.
The sensual kisses and the warmth of their embraces,
how comfortable they were together.
Derek was excited and couldn’t wait to see her reaction to his gift
When she opened the beautiful envelope and read the certificate
She giggled and asked “Are you sure?”
“I am”
Fifteen years of marriage and three children later,
Abigail never would have thought he would surprise her
with an intimate photo shoot of the two of them for their anniversary.

January 24th 
Carina sat speechless, starring at the computer screen
her mind filled with both rage and shame.
She had always been the nosey one at the office
reading everyones mail and chat messages
then using it for her own benefit to advance herself.
This time it was Carina who was the topic of the message
this is what she saw:
“Carina, we know your secret
to moving ahead in the business world, you
would do well to use this as a lesson learned,
had you not been reading this, you might still have a job,

BUT, since you are YOU’RE FIRED!”

January 17th 
Within his feeble grasp his mortal soul in view. 
Distracted by his other half a conversation did ensue.
“Doctor Jekyll”
“What is it Hyde, now is not your time?”
“I too sense your contemplation, the damning of our soul?”
“Yes, we share this soul, this body, yet we converse as if we are separate beings, Damn you Hyde, depart me now”
“You well know I do as I please, you no longer have the strength to contain me”
“And thus my contemplation of ending your murderous folly”
“Ah, but, would you, end yourself, Doctor?”
“Arghhhhhh, madness is come upon me ”

Grasping the mirror of vision, “dare I look”?
My wanton heart beats for her alone, 
Face of an angel, yet sultry allure of the devil incarnate. 
She holds my mind captive, my body stands at attention anticipating her touch. 
Oh how delicious the surrender, I’d offer my very soul for her embrace.
The mirror comes to life, like tentacles reaching, ethereal beauty pouring fourth.
Standing here I feel her, ever nuance and touch of her hands upon me,
I shudder, it is as if we are one. her very breath is upon my neck, Ah, sweet surrender,
my soul departs.


Thrills of the unknown lie ahead of us,  
Standing wrapped in our neoprene suits, packing the Kayaks.
A rush of adrenaline fills me. 
Adventures start calmly enough. 
Gradually building as we sit amongst the dips and swells of whitewater rapids.
Dipping my cup into the arctic chilled water, I drink fresh and clean.
Up ahead, the 150 foot drop of the waterfall awaits. I make sure all is secure 
as we pass the point of no return. Faster and deeper the water rises around us. 
Suddenly, the Kayak lurches, tipping us over the edge. 
My heart racing, what a rush.

Fog rolls in engulfing the forrest.
Eerily, light finds its way through the smallest openings.
Hairs rise on my arms and neck. A ghostly howl  heard to the East, 
I try to stay on the now barely visible path. 
twigs snap in the distance, I wonder what may be stalking me.
Picking up my pace, I continue forward. 
Branches look like boney fingers, reaching for me. 
A low growl to my right, stops me in my tracks. 
looking, I see piercing eyes, leaping toward me. 
Hit, I fall to the ground. opening my eyes to find,
My faithful dog, Aramus.

Photo credit
Science Fiction Fantasy Group

It was a long time in coming.
Piece by piece, my human flesh became robotic parts.
Progress I am told comes at a price. 
I can feel the cold hardness of my metallic features 
with the still warm flesh of my right hand, 
that, my lower face and lips are all that remain fully human.
A bionic scrap heap of parts that will go on forever. 
My brain, memories preserved, hooked to electrodes, 
that can accesses information at the speed of light. 
The price is too high, I will never die.
If I could chose again, I would chose extinction.

Strapped to a chair, made to watch. 
A single naked bulb hangs above me.
So it begins again, I hear the cries from the outer chamber.
He drags her to the blood stained metal table, arms and legs bound. 
Instruments of torture on the wall.
His illness drives him, inflicting pain. 
Bleeding them slowly to the edge of death.
Scalpel in hand he makes his first cut, 
bloody pliers rip her nails from her hands.
whimpering, tears flow down her cheeks.
He removes her toes, with garden shears.
As I watch in silent horror, praying for death to come quickly.

Floating, in a vast sea. Unable to remember how long I’ve been adrift.
On the horizon, jagged cliffs, waterfalls.
turbulent waters pushing me toward the only opening.
Swallowed, within an unknown land
Cavernous and dark. iridescent flickers of light far beyond me.
Weary, my senses fail me, light grows nearer. 
A giant being materializes before me, apparently made of some luminescent source. 
He lifts me from my vessel with his transparent hand, bringing me close.
Ah, human, welcome to the realm of liquid light.
He drops me from his hand, falling, falling.
I wake, realizing it was only a dream.

“What day, what year is it?” I wonder
Time passes, light turns to dark and back again.
Footsteps and occasional voices over me, allow me to know others exist.
“Why do I not move, not speak?” I try, it’s futile.
I can tell someone is near, talking to me. 
“It’s been a long time, we still come. we still hope to see you wake.”
Crying, then receding footsteps. I hear this often. 
Screaming “ WAIT, I AM HERE!!!!” No one hears my pleading. 
Trapped, I hear the beeping and whirring of the machines.
Sadly, my body comatose, my mind fully alive.

Feeling the heat of his body behind me
I lean back pressing myself against him.
His desire unmistakeable, his arms engulf me. 
My breath catches in my throat, a faint sigh escapes my lips.
He pulls my head to his shoulder, exposing my throat to his eager lips.
Nibbling, he leaves behind a trail of kisses.
The rise and fall of my chest beneath his arms, 
my breath shallow, anticipating his next move.
Slowly I turn to meet his lips with mine. tongues entwined in a dance of passion.
hands fisted in my hair drawing me deeper into the kiss.

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