Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Time to go home, how that thought saddens me. But I have done what I came to do and there is no further reason for my presence here in this lovely riverside town.

I remember the first time Tom and I came here, looking out over the vastness of the river from our private balcony. We had been married all of six months, but he insisted I come with him on his business trip, to this lovely place, “a second honeymoon” he had said.  We loved it here so much we came back every year since then. Now I leave alone and for the last time, it would be too painful to return here again.

Tom passed away last month; his final request, to have his ashes laid over our river paradise.  And so it is done. Good Bye my love, one day we will again sit on the sun-drenched balconies of our beautiful river town.  Until then remember I love you.

The bellman standing in the doorway tells me it’s time to go, it is so hard to leave this place. Yet I find strength in knowing he will be where he was most alive and content.

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