Monday, January 26, 2015

Tantilizing Tuesday 01-27-15

Like electric current, her touch sent shivers through my body. My shackled hands longed to feel her soft, supple skin. Toying with me, she ran her delicate fingers over my erect and wanting nipples.

With each breathless word and every move she made, Talia seemed oblivious to the camera that was capturing her. From the corner of my eye I could glimpse the screen, Erotic, sexy and seductive. She took control, for the first time she seemed free and followed no particular agenda; methodically she hovered over me, close enough to feel the warmth of her breath on my skin, yet to distant for my mouth to capture hers.

What delightful torture she was. Talia pushed my knees apart then slinked between them like a cat on the prowl, slowly, sensually she moved forward brushing her lips to mine. Instinctively I went to draw her to me, the shackles clanked against the barren wall, I was reminded I was a prisoner, bound by her love and lust.

Again she grazed her mouth to mine, beginning a slow rhythmic decent, her moist tongue gently, eagerly, caressing my taunt nipples. What decadent agony she could elicit from my body. My breath hitched...................

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