Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday After Dark Moments

It’s late Saturday night I can’t sleep, untangling myself from the sheets, quietly I creep out on to the fire escape careful not to wake anyone. Hoping for a breeze, some fresh air, trying to get relief from the hot mugginess that is New York City in July. Across the street a light flickers on, my neighbors have just arrived home from some unknown destination. Myra tosses her coat and purse on the bed, Rick following right behind, the obedient new boyfriend, he tried to kiss her she turned away. 

He leans into her neck,  I can’t tell what he’s saying, all I see is their silhouettes against the glow of the bedrooms light. “A rather sensual scene” I think to myself, as I wonder if they notice I am watching them. He unbuttons his shirt still trying to get myra to talk to him. softly he caresses her arm and nuzzles her neck.

Thinking I should go back inside and not intrude on their personal moment,  I find myself drawn to watch them. The sexy outlines of his muscled arms the sensual curves of her hips and delicate line of her shoulders the way his toned abs ripple when he reaches for her. It is as if I can feel his touch on my own flesh and my body begins to respond. All the while he is caressing her, kissing her lightly on her shoulder, I feel my head bend to the side as if to give him access to mine, my nipples harden and a moan escapes my lips. I really should go back inside, but like a drug this sexy feeling is addicting and I can’t bring myself to leave.

Myra turns toward Rick, his bare chest and arms encasing her while his hands run from her neck down the hollow of her back, over her hips pulling her into him. I am no longer the conscious master of my body, absently my hands seem to have a mind of there own, moving over my abdomen to the softness of my thighs caressing my skin, I can’t take my eyes off them. I can feel my breasts ache, my hands fondling my most intimate places. Rick gently unzips Myra’s dress and allows it to fall pooling at her feet on the floor, revealing a flirtatious black lace bra and panties, an arousing scene provocative and seductive. Rick takes her by the hand she steps out of her dress as he leads her to the bed.

Continuing to pleasure myself as I watch the two of them, I realize now why men are such visual creatures and find watching so titilating, it’s exciting, hell it’s hot! 

My thighs are slick and every inch of my body is on sensory over load as I stroke my taunt nipples. Rick still standing removes his belt, his pants fall to the floor his manhood standing at attention, lying on the bed in front of him Myra parts her thighs in an invitation to join her once again, but instead he kneels before her and buries his head between her thighs, her back arches to meet him, I lean back against the cool metal of the fire escape creating a rhythm of my own and another moan escapes my now parched lips. Just as I am about to find release from the days stresses and the night heat, I hear a noise behind me inside.

“Mommy, I had a bad dream, can you get me a glass of water?”

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello to all of you I am really sorry for the lack of participation this past week n all areas and in getting to all of your wonderful pieces..... HOWEVER, i have had on again off again internet services due to weather conditions beyond my personal control LOL ..... sad but true i can't control the weather unless it is within the scope of one of my books.... :)  anyway I do hope to be back inhere with some normalcy shortly... thank yo for your understanding and your continued patience. hugs and love Theresa   :}