Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine FLASH...... 2-14-14

Feb 14th (Happy Valetines Day Lovers) 2014

Sunken by mighty waves that splintered and claimed her ship. Alone she sits, gracefully upon the earth, alive. Pearls still adorning her hair,  customary tattoos of a bride remained decorating her flesh. Unashamed in her nakedness. looking about her, all seemed lost. The mirror from her cabin floating as she plucked it from the sea, glancing in it, seeing not her own reflection, but that of her Bridegroom. Tears fell as he called her name, searching. She watched in helpless silence unable to aid him. 

Vowing to the powers of the earth they would be reunited again one day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tan-til-IZING Tuesday

here is a poem from my upcoming poetry book..... hope you enjoy .... hugs T

Candles burnt almost to their ends
Glasses, still filled with champagnes amber liquid
Bubbles having long faded in the night
We notice not these things
Enraptured with each other
Lost in loves bliss
Time stands still, and the moment lasts
In your eyes I see the reflection of myself
Looking at you filled with passion
Longing to feel your lips on mine
And to again,
Be within the confines of your embrace
I feel the warmth of your skin
The rhythm of your breath
The softness of your touch
And I draw you near to me
With the suns rise
Life again will be filled
With the noises of the day
And all manner of necessities of our time
But for now, in this solitary moment
We are all that exist
Lost to the outside world

Sated, in each other presence