Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Stranger

A regular Friday night at the club, Then she walked in. 
Moving sensually; her black backless dress and long chocolate hair flowing in the breeze as she glided across the floor toward me, she was stunning. 
I’ve owned this club for years, never once has a woman walked in with such presence, poise, and confidence she oozed passion from every pour. Stopping she took the seat directly in front of me. 

“HI handsome, buy a girl a drink?” she inquired coyly, her emerald eyes boring holes into mine.

“Of course, what will the lady have?” I asked in the most matter of fact tone I could muster. Still enthralled by her sublime beauty.

“Something, sinful, decadent and sweet.” was her reply. 

The breath caught in my throat, finally finding my tongue, I offered her the house special, and mixed her drink,  handing it to her, her fingers lingered on mine, electricity replaced blood in my veins, again her eyes held mine captive, I was oblivious of everything but her. 

“Hey!!! Ivan, You wanna make me the drinks for table six?, IVAN!!!”

My thoughts interrupted, Chelsea was shouting at me, I turned to see my waitress stressed and irritated that her order had not yet been filled.
“ Sure Chelsea, coming right up”  I handed her the order.

When I looked up again , I found her emerald eyes still steady on me, 

“Would you care to dance with me?” her question asked in a hushed whisper.

Spellbound, I got my assistant to cover the bar, while I lead her to the dance floor. A Rumba, sexy, sensuous and rhythmic played. Rubbing against each other, her taunt breasts and erect nipples grazing my flesh where my shirt fell open, each time we would move to the rhythm. So sexy, so playful, masterfully teasing me. My need now growing, the bulge hardening in my jeans.

The song came to a close with her in my arms, her scent wild, seductive, erotic and earthy. I took her by the hand she made no effort to resist, leading her to the alleyway behind the bar. once out the door she flashed her eyes at me for an instant and removed the shirt from my body, tossing it to the ground. 

While torrents of  erotic, lustful thoughts filled my mind. I lifted her up agains the wall burying my face into her, taking in her scent again,  I ran my hands down her back and under the lace of her dress, finding she wore no panties. Cupping her smooth buttocks in my hands and feeling the wetness, her own arousal. Still not a word spoken, just the raw need and desire to have her. Kissing her neck she placed her hand on mine, using her other hand to free my swollen shaft, as it sprang from its confinement she gasped, moaning a throaty, guttural “yes”, then lowered herself over my throbbing member, and grasping me with both her legs pulling me in deeper. God I wanted to cum as she ground her wetness into me. 

“No, Not yet”  She whispered in my ear as if she knew my thoughts. 

My cock twitched inside her from want of release, as she moved her hips back and fourth over me, her arms locked around neck for support. A loud moan escaped my lips, just as her tongue dove into my mouth, hungry and wanton in its desire, her lips soft and full, she tasted of brandy and raspberries. Oh!, delicious heaven,  I kissed her deeper and harder, her wetness moved faster,  muscles clenching my shaft as we came, shuddering in waves together. 

Still holding her against the wall and in my arms, we were both breathless, and shaking in the afterglow of that unrestrained and powerful release. She captured my mouth kissing me softly, slowly, sensuously. Lifting her head from mine she asked. 

“Hey handsome, what was in that drink,  can I have another?”

I looked at her and we both broke into spontaneous laughter. 

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