Friday, January 30, 2015

Flash-Fiction Friday 01-30-15

Sean finally had the nerve to tell Thomas his true feelings; it didn’t take long after that for the two of them to find their way to Thomas’ bedroom. The morning light streamed through the window, as they explored each other for the first time. Sean drew Thomas closer to him, anticipating the touch of his lips.

Tenderly, both of them held one another. Kissing, touching, allowing themselves to fully express that which they had felt from a distance for so long a time, beginning a new chapter, they lay there together spent and satisfied, happy to have each other.

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  1. Very romantic and a very good teaser for those of us that struggle with this genre. Very tender and almost poetic. xo

  2. Thank you :) what a lovely review yes this genre is not my regular and I was not sure quite how ot approach it....

  3. Beautiful. I'm so pleased they discovered the romance and love. Great flash

  4. Sweet flash :-) I'm glad they finally took that step.

  5. Loving sweet romantic flash. I think these two have a deep long relationship and a great future. Love the details in your flash.