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Friday Flash Fiction 2-7-14


Chandra’s auburn locks glistened in the morning light, against the green backdrop of the grassy meadow where she slept. Her still undiscovered tattoo, a gift of protection from the fairies. The hunting party stared, wondering from whence she had come. Startled by the sound of voices, Chandra sat up and backed away. Her gold flecked eyes darting about, becoming narrow and hooded when one spoke of the auburn wolf they searched for. Offering her food and shelter, they tried to comfort her. But, Chandra knew better than to stay this full moon night. Her alter ego; was the very wolf they sought.

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Thursday's TASTE 2-7-14

This is a group for writers who want to show short excerpts of their awesome work every Thursday. All genres permitted and a comment on each others work will encourage everyone to keep going with WIP's. Our blog isThursday Tasters so please visit our link to view the excerpt's of the other participating awesome authors. 


February 12th 2014

Back at the Royal Arms, Chelsea was sitting at the bar, it had been another slow night and she had not made much money. When a well-dressed gentleman came in and caught her eye. He took a table near the door and waited for the barkeep to take his order. 

His haunting dark eyes made him seem mysterious, and his dark hair shaggy but well kept. His manner and dress reminded one of breeding and aristocracy, and one would wonder what he was doing in the Royal Arms. Unless he was a traveler and not familiar with the establishment, this is not the place a gentleman of breeding would frequent.But Chelsea gathered her courage, fueled with a bit of stout and her lack of money for the day and went over to see him. 

“Well, tis’ a fine evening, would the gentleman care for a bit of company?”

“Please do have a seat miss…?”

“Chelsea, you can just call me Chelsea.”

“Please, have a seat Miss Chelsea, pleasure to meet you, my name is William.”

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance William.”

Just then Harry saunters over to take his order.

“Good evening sir, what’ll it be for you tonight?”

“Bring me a pint of your best stout and a portion of bread and cheese, and the lady will have …” William turns to look at Chelsea to see what she will have. 

“Oh, thank you kindly William, Harry, I’ll have me usual thanks love.”

Harry leaves to get the cheese, bread and drinks, and brings them back. Chelsea seems enamored with the new gentleman ignoring Harry when he returns and leaves their fair on the table. Allowing them time to talk and let Chelsea earn a bit of her keep for the night. 

In order for the girls to sit at the Pub, Harry makes them pay him ten pounds a week for the privilege of sitting at his bar to look for paying customers, He maintains four rooms above the Pub for the girls to use by the hour and he charges them two pounds per customer to use them, He also uses the girls at the bar hoping that the blokes spend more on drinks buying them for the girls. All in all is seems to be a good and fair arrangement for everyone.  

William thinks about ordering another round of drinks for he and Chelsea while the two of them continue to chat at the table. 

“Care for another drink Chelsea?”

“Why thank you William, that would be nice indeed, I’ll go and ask harry to bring another round for us won’t take but a minute

Chelsea wanders up to the bar and tells harry to send another round over to the table. Gets some more cheese and bread and takes it back with her as well. Setting in front of William. 

“Thank you, Chelsea that was very thoughtful of you.”

“You’re quite welcome William, I am enjoying your company and thought you might still be a bit ‘ungry love.” 

“Chelsea, when we have finished our food and drinks, would you care to accompany me back to my hotel this evening, I would very much like to continue with your company, that is if you have no other plans my dear?” 

“Why, William, no one has ever asked me so sweetly, me being a workin’ girl an’ all most gents just expect it, as sort of payment for the food and drinks. Thank you, yes I’d be delighted to go with you. I hate to bring up business when your bein’ so kind an’ all but you’ll need to settle with Harry before we go if you don’t mind love.”

“Glad to take care of business for you Chelsea, not to be crass but what is the current going rate for your nightly companionship my dear?”

“Fifty pounds for the night, love.”

“Fine then when you are ready, I’ll just go over to the bar now and settle with Harry take your time and I’ll be back to finish my stout momentarily.”

William heads over to the bar and motions for Harry to come see him. Harry’s talkin’ to a few of the regular blokes and gestures for him to wait a moment. After a few minutes he comes over. 

“What can I get for you?”

“I understand you handle the ladies financial arrangements sir, I have come to take care of a full night with Miss Chelsea” 

William hands Harry a hundred pound note.

“It’s only fifty pounds mister, I’ll get your change won’t be a moment.”

“Yes, I understand, see to it that Chelsea get all of it, I’ll be back again later in the week as well, thank you.

William goes back to finish his stout and talk more with Chelsea. Soon as he sits at the table, Dewey comes wondering in, already fully drunk, with his loud mouth.

“Well, lookie ‘ere, 'ello, Chelsea,” 

Dewey leans on the table and into Chelsea’s face. 

“Where’s your friend at tonight, I see you aint lackin’ for gents to screw are you now darlin’, found yourself a right fancy one ‘ere aint ya?” 

“Dewey, go on get lost, we don’t need to ‘ear your mouth runnin’ right now, seems you been at the party a long time tonight already, go on and talk to Harry, ‘e’ll find you a nice friend to talk to.” 

“Chelsea, I aint interested in talkin’, I’m ‘ere to get a bitch to screw, just like ‘im.” 

Dewey points in the general direction of William. Who is now standing.

“Chelsea, would you care to leave my dear, this person seems to be a bit drunk”

Yes, thank you William, it does look as though it is time we be goin’.”

“It’s William, is it… well take your time with this one William, I ‘ear she’s a real good screw she is, mind ya I aint never ‘ad ‘er meself, but me friend Alex, ‘e’ll tell ya, she’s worth every penny, ya paid fer ‘er ass she is.”

“Sir, you are drunk and completely out of line, stand aside and allow us to leave.”

“Really, or what? What ya gona do Mr. fancy man?”“This”

William punches Dewey dead in the face, he falls down out cold, the others at the bar Laughing and applaud, 

“Never mind him, we’ll send his ass home after he wakes up” says Harry. 

As the two of them turn and walk out the front door to hail a taxi to Williams’s hotel. After they arrive William takes her to his room, and offers Chelsea a glass of Port, which she takes gladly. 

“I wish I was a gent sometimes, would have loved to have been the one to deck ol’ Dewey Anderson, been wantin’ to do that for months now. But I thank you William for your defending my honor, what little I still have anyway.”

“He was completely out of line and very drunk, he deserved what he got and I am not sorry I did it. Even a working girl deserves respect and kindness, my mum was a working girl at one point in her life to, till someone gave her a break and she found other employment. You’ll find a better lot in life too Chelsea one day.”

William walks over to her where she is standing by the window looking out at all the London lights, watching the fog roll gently in off the channel. He takes her in his arms and lightly kisses her neck moving her dress away and then kisses her shoulders. William takes her by the hand and leads her to his bed standing next to his bed he kisses her. Closing the door to the outside world for the next few precious hours.Morning comes early in London, all the merchants at the open-air markets getting ready for a days work. Not much has changed in London’s town square since the turn of the century; they still have the fresh flower, fresh breads and vegetables. Carts out bright and early for folks to come and get what they need for the days meals. Chelsea is sitting in the parlor area of William’s room watching it all on the streets below her, waiting for William to wake up. She thought it would be rude to leave without saying good-bye after all his kindness to her the night before. William wakes up, stretches and looks about the room realizing that Chelsea is not in bed nor in the room he throws on his Robe and slippers and heads out of the bedroom.“Well, Good morning, Chelsea. Did you sleep well?” Chelsea turns to see William standing in the doorway of the bedroom. For a moment she doesn’t answer, admiring his handsome features, bed tossed dark hair, his broad shoulders and muscular arms, his narrow waist and those dark haunting eyes. Transfixed looking at him in the light of day. “Chelsea? Are you alright?”“OH ummm sorry yes, William I’m fine was just thinking about the day is all, yes I slept well too, thank you for asking.”“Great, what can I get you for breakfast? Would you care for some tea?”“I was just waitin’ to say my good-byes, would ‘ave been rude of me leave while you was sleeping.”“You don’t need to be in a hurry, stay and have breakfast with me. I ‘d like that. After breakfast I’ll see you get a taxi home, then I’ll be on my way to surprise my mum, she thinks I’m coming out here next week. But I’m really here to surprise her for Birthday tomorrow.”“What a lovely thing to do. Your mum will be so happy, such a nice son you are William, but I’ll be on me way and out of your hair now and if you ever find your way back to the Royal Arms be sure to say ‘ello love. Take care of yourself now, and thanks for lovely evening good-bye”“Sure you won’t change your mind and stay for breakfast?”“No, love it’s time for me to go, you have a wonderful time with your mum good- bye William.”“Good-Bye Chelsea, I’d like to see you again sometime, would that be alright with you?”“That would be mighty nice William, you know where to find me if you do”And she let herself out the door, quietly closing it behind her. Chelsea walked to the lobby of the hotel wondering what it would be like to have a son that was so smart and kind to call his mum, but she could never have any children of her own. A while back one of her clients had beat her up badly, putting her in the hospital after the surgery, she was alive and she would heal up ok, but she would never have children. Made her feel a bit sad. But she was hopeful that someday she would get out of this business and find a proper husband at least, someone to care for and cook for. She walked along the town square toward her meager little rented room, just thinking about the life she was going to have one day. And about the only two men that had ever treated her kindly and with a hint of respect. Alex and William, interestingly she found them very similar in looks but Alex had the blond hair and green eyes, where William had all the darker features, like two sides of a coin, the same but different. 

February 6th 2013Alex Hunter went to his cupboard and fetched a tea bag. He could always think more clearly with a cup of steaming tea in hand. “If,” he thought, “I could rid the world of a person who does not deserve to live--and get away with it, then why not do it”
By the time he had taken his third sip, the nub of a plan had started to gestate. Thanks to a television documentary that he had seen recently on the burgeoning success of bargain-priced, first-rate plastic surgery being performed in India, Alex’s nub of a plan quickly evolved into a sure-fire, albeit bizarre blue print for the perfect murder, and he would commit it! He would fly to India and undergo the plastic surgery necessary to give him the aquiline profile and jutting jaw he had always envied in movie stars.

Now at last, he had a compelling reason to fulfill his fantasy. 

By the time he had taken his third sip, the nub of a plan had started to gestate. Thanks to a television documentary that he had seen recently on the burgeoning success of bargain-priced, first-rate plastic surgery being performed in India, Alex’s nub of a plan quickly evolved into a sure-fire, albeit bizarre blue print for the perfect murder, and he would commit it! He would fly to India and undergo the plastic surgery necessary to give him the aquiline profile and jutting jaw he had always envied in movie stars.
Now at last, he had a compelling reason to fulfill his fantasy. 

Now at last, he had a compelling reason to fulfill his fantasy. 
One important part of his plan required the making of a plaster mold of his face before having the surgeries; from the mold he would extrude a latex mask of himself. Which he would wear the night he murdered Gerhart Jaegermann, with the silencer-equipped pistol he had already obtained. 
He planned to arrange a meeting with Jaegermann and after shooting him between the eyes; he would walk slowly past all the strategically placed surveillance cameras that graced the buildings halls and lobby. It was important that each camera had a clear picture of him entering and exiting the penthouse. The superintendent and local police must have no difficulty identifying the killer of Gerhart Jaegermann, as being Alex Hunter, the victim’s only son and heir. 
Alexander swallowed the rest of his tea, and realized how complex his plan was to do away with the monster that had sent his mother to an early grave, and brought nothing but misery to him and the thousands of workers in his employ. Alex also realized that he had no choice. If he did not rid the world of Gerhart Jaegermann, he would have to rid the world of himself.
As the wheels in his mind continued to work out his ingenious plot, Alex began to feel this was well within his grasp. At long last his feelings of complacency, humiliation and fear, gave way to his rage, stirring a new thirst for revenge. Not just for himself of course, it was for his dearly departed mother whom he had adored and all the others that have had to endure Gerhart’s miseries over countless years in his service, enduring his penny pinching, scheming and disagreeable nature. 
The delight he felt in finally getting freedom from his father’s tyranny lingered in his mind, giving him the needed courage to continue planning and ultimately to execute his dark and sinister plan.
Rising from his comfortable chair cup in hand, Alex heads to the kitchen for yet another dose of liquid fortitude, his favorite tea laced with Scotch and honey. 
The only difficulties Alex could see in his plan were first finding someone trustworthy to get him the needed documents, and secondly of course the Doctors that would perform the plastic surgery on him. 
Alex takes out a pen and paper to make his list of important things to do. When he realizes this will take some months to accomplish and not knowing the time frame for getting the proper documents in hand, he calls his friend Dewey Anderson. 
“Dewey, Alex Hunter here. Listen old chum, I need a favor, can we meet at the Royal Arms Pub on Kensington street tomorrow say, what about ten pm?”
“Sure thing mate, be glad to see ya, it’s been a while. ‘Ows your old man, still bossin’ you about with his better than thou attitude?”
“That’s what I want to see you about Dewey, we can talk at the pub tomorrow? ok, see ya then mate.”
Alex hangs up the phone and continues on with his list and sipping at his tea, feeling more liberated with each new item he adds to the list.

It was contrary to Alex’s nature to consider committing a violent act but here he was seriously considering and planning a murder. 

“And while I’m at it” He thought, “I’ll have laser eye surgery and rid myself of these dammed Eye problems” 

Alex’s mind was racing. He had always hated his black hair and now while recuperating from the operations he would have it dyed brown the color of his natural facial hair. He smiled at the slick mustache and beard he had once grown, but quickly removed when his father suggested he “looked like a dam fop” 

Alex was getting more excited and committed as he laid out the scenario. For his plan to work he had to acquire a new identity after the surgery and before returning from India. He would therefore need a new passport, drivers license, social security card- a difficult task be he assured himself,  but doable. 

“Finding correct and accurate documentation shouldn’t be all that difficult.” He mused. 

Alex had always had friends in some of the lowest of places. One such acquaintance, a Mister Dewy Anderson, a bloke of considerable shall we say, connection to those that work for the less than legitimate businesses in London, was one such person.  “Yes that is who I will contact, Dewey would know just the people I could count on for the documents I need to become a new and free man. As for the doctor’s well they are in another country, what possible difficulties could they cause here in London? Besides, I’ll just use my new name for the surgeries.” He thought. “Beginning tomorrow I will start the gears in motion to make this plan reality, I refuse to suffer at my fathers hands any longer.”

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The Stranger

A regular Friday night at the club, Then she walked in. 
Moving sensually; her black backless dress and long chocolate hair flowing in the breeze as she glided across the floor toward me, she was stunning. 
I’ve owned this club for years, never once has a woman walked in with such presence, poise, and confidence she oozed passion from every pour. Stopping she took the seat directly in front of me. 

“HI handsome, buy a girl a drink?” she inquired coyly, her emerald eyes boring holes into mine.

“Of course, what will the lady have?” I asked in the most matter of fact tone I could muster. Still enthralled by her sublime beauty.

“Something, sinful, decadent and sweet.” was her reply. 

The breath caught in my throat, finally finding my tongue, I offered her the house special, and mixed her drink,  handing it to her, her fingers lingered on mine, electricity replaced blood in my veins, again her eyes held mine captive, I was oblivious of everything but her. 

“Hey!!! Ivan, You wanna make me the drinks for table six?, IVAN!!!”

My thoughts interrupted, Chelsea was shouting at me, I turned to see my waitress stressed and irritated that her order had not yet been filled.
“ Sure Chelsea, coming right up”  I handed her the order.

When I looked up again , I found her emerald eyes still steady on me, 

“Would you care to dance with me?” her question asked in a hushed whisper.

Spellbound, I got my assistant to cover the bar, while I lead her to the dance floor. A Rumba, sexy, sensuous and rhythmic played. Rubbing against each other, her taunt breasts and erect nipples grazing my flesh where my shirt fell open, each time we would move to the rhythm. So sexy, so playful, masterfully teasing me. My need now growing, the bulge hardening in my jeans.

The song came to a close with her in my arms, her scent wild, seductive, erotic and earthy. I took her by the hand she made no effort to resist, leading her to the alleyway behind the bar. once out the door she flashed her eyes at me for an instant and removed the shirt from my body, tossing it to the ground. 

While torrents of  erotic, lustful thoughts filled my mind. I lifted her up agains the wall burying my face into her, taking in her scent again,  I ran my hands down her back and under the lace of her dress, finding she wore no panties. Cupping her smooth buttocks in my hands and feeling the wetness, her own arousal. Still not a word spoken, just the raw need and desire to have her. Kissing her neck she placed her hand on mine, using her other hand to free my swollen shaft, as it sprang from its confinement she gasped, moaning a throaty, guttural “yes”, then lowered herself over my throbbing member, and grasping me with both her legs pulling me in deeper. God I wanted to cum as she ground her wetness into me. 

“No, Not yet”  She whispered in my ear as if she knew my thoughts. 

My cock twitched inside her from want of release, as she moved her hips back and fourth over me, her arms locked around neck for support. A loud moan escaped my lips, just as her tongue dove into my mouth, hungry and wanton in its desire, her lips soft and full, she tasted of brandy and raspberries. Oh!, delicious heaven,  I kissed her deeper and harder, her wetness moved faster,  muscles clenching my shaft as we came, shuddering in waves together. 

Still holding her against the wall and in my arms, we were both breathless, and shaking in the afterglow of that unrestrained and powerful release. She captured my mouth kissing me softly, slowly, sensuously. Lifting her head from mine she asked. 

“Hey handsome, what was in that drink,  can I have another?”

I looked at her and we both broke into spontaneous laughter. 

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Saturday's After Dark Moments

January 31st 2014

Susanna turned out the lights and went to her room, it was late she’s had difficulty sleeping since Trevor’s been away on business. After all they were newlyweds, she missed him in their bed. Taking off her robe she climbed into bed, sexy, mischievous thoughts running through her mind and drifted off to sleep. 

Quietly he crept in, sure the click of the door locks would wake her, glad when he found it hadn’t. Setting the roses on the bedside table Trevor slipped out of his clothes, watching Susanna lying before him  illuminated by the moons glow, bed tangled hair,  sheet gracefully outlining her curves , her breasts rising with each breath. His arousal as well as his cock growing impatient in need for her. 

Trevor eased himself into their bed lying on his side next to her, gently sweeping the hair from her face, he pulled back the sheet exposing her breasts and taunt nipples. Running his hand up her leg, over her tummy he cupped her breast, bending his head to taste her.

Still asleep Susanna stirred slightly and arched toward him out of habit. He licked her nipples and kissed her running soft nibbles from her breast to her neck. He moved closer to her, his now throbbing member pulsing against her thigh, as his hands fondled there way to the apex of her legs. Gently he moved his hand between them, her wetness felt good, he massaged her clit,  a moan of pleasure slipped from her lips. Her head turned toward him, he captured her full lips in a kiss. Susanna’s eyes jerked open, but he held her firmly in his arms his lips still on hers.

“It’s just me, I came home early to surprise you, it’s ok relax” 

His words soothing and reassuring her, she immediately fell back into his arms kissing him again hard and deep. she could feel his cock against her and reached down to stroke him, while their tongues entwined tasting each other. She had missed him and wanted him to know how much. Susanna moved smoothly onto her side and pushed Trevor onto his back still stroking his pulsing cock, she nibbled at his erect nipples, he gasped, she artfully kissed, nibbled and sucked her way to his sex, placing light butterfly kisses on the tip as she continued to stroke him. 

His hands guiding her to take him in her mouth, sucking him and licking he shudders near climax, she stops. straddling him she bends to capture his mouth with hers, and slowly lowers herself over his hard shaft teasing him with her wetness. In one quick move he rolls her onto her back, pinning her arms above her head. He wanted to cum but moved slowly in and out of her wet pussy giving her pleasure, then faster, harder he pumped, Susanna cried out and he came pulsing deep inside her wetness. Smiling she kissed him and they both collapsed in a heap of arms and legs on the bed.