Thursday, September 11, 2014

The bells rang sending college students scattering from one class to another, Nikki was moving at a snails pace. During her senior year at St. Mary’s College, she had grown bored with the academics of it all and went in search of new interests; with only a few weeks of the school year left she had hoped to find something exciting to do, before she graduated.

Nikki had mentioned this in passing to one of the junior coaches from her track team. He suggested she see him after her workout one afternoon to discuss finding a way to satisfy her desire for new things. She agreed to meet him at four O’clock in his office.

Truth is that Nikki has had a bit of a crush on Coach Harrison for some time now he was a bit older than Nikki, but a very handsome, muscular man with tussled brown hair and dark eyes. So she was very happy to meet him in private.

“Coach Harrison, are you here? It’s Nikki” she knocked again at his door.

Hi, Nikki, I’m glad you’re here, come on in and have a seat.”

“Thank you”

Coach Harrison moved aside just far enough to allow Nikki room to pass between him and the door she brushed against his chest as she entered the room; he closed the door behind her.

The only place to sit was on the small sofa the Coach used to rest on between games on the weekends. Nikki walked over and made herself comfortable. While coach Harrison sat on the edge of his desk facing her.

Nikki had been running for the past hour, she was hot and sweaty Coach Harrison couldn’t help but notice her shirt was lightly sticking to her sweat soaked skin making the outline of her hard braless nipples extremely visible and distracting him from making eye contact with her.

Finally pulling his attention back to her face Coach Harrison Continued.

“Nikki, you mentioned you were looking for a bit of a change, something a bit more distracting than just track or your studies. Once in a while, I will take one of the girls under my wing and offer them private tutoring and coaching in a variety of areas, it is usually someone like yourself that is bored with Catholic school and looking for a bit of excitement” He moved from his desk and sat beside her.

“Would you be interested in that sort of an arrangement Nikki? We could meet a couple of times a week.” Coach Harrison began to massage Nikki’s shoulders. Nikki liked the feel of his hands on her.

“That sounds great Coach, I have always enjoyed talking to you. So this should be fun spending some time together, exploring new things.“

She was enjoying him rubbing her shoulders and leaned into the pressure of his strong hands against them, letting out a sigh.

Mmmmm, that feels so good coach, my muscles are sore from my work out today.”

“Just your shoulders, or are there other muscles that are sore, maybe I can take care of them for you Nikki?” he leaned in against her hair as he said this to her, running his hand deliberately down her bare shoulders. He moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck lightly.

“Coach Harrison!” she said only half surprised, Nikki liked the feel of his lips on her neck and she wanted more.

Just helping you to relax Nikki, you can call me Josh. If I It makes you feel any better I’ll lock the door so we won’t be disturbed. It is after school hours, and few people are still here.”

Nikki turned to look at her coach. “Yes, I seem to need a lot of relaxing Josh, can you show me what you know about relaxing my muscles.”

He stood up to lock the door; she noticed the obvious bulge in his pants from his own arousal. Nikki decided that the rest of the school year just might be exciting and interesting after all.

Josh locked the doors to the outer office and then to his private office. To the rest of the school it looked as though he had gone for the day, after closing the blinds to the outside world from behind his desk he and Nikki were all alone.

“Nikki, care for something to drink?”

“Sure, what’d you have in mind?”

He opened the small fridge that sat behind his desk under the windows.

“Hmmm, let’s see, Juice, Wine or Water?”

“Wine, yes that sounds just perfect.”

“Ok, Wine it is.”

Josh brought the bottle and two cups from his desk over to the sofa and poured them each a glass.  He handed Nikki hers, then put the bottle on the desk and sat beside her.
“You know Josh, it looked to me like you just may have a few muscles in need of relaxing as well. And that back rub felt really great, would you mind massaging a little more just to loosen up the muscles.”

Josh took a gulp of his wine and set the cup on the floor. He began to rub Nikki’s shoulders moving her long, soft hair out of his way, draping it over her shoulder, exposing her bare neck to his hands and eager mouth.

“Oh yes, that’s right. I love the way you work my muscles Josh. Feels so good.”

Josh leaned in pressing his chest against her back, pulling her shoulders against him while nibbling at her ear.

“Why don’t we remove this shirt, its just in the way. I can do a much better job on your muscles skin to skin.” He grabbed the hem of her shirt pulling it over her head.

Nikki turned toward him then stood up in front of him, she leaned over giving him an encouraging kiss, intentionally showing off her bare breasts. The she stepped back and slowly pulled her track shorts over her hips dropping them on the floor next to the sofa. She stood there for a long moment letting him drink her in wearing only a delicate pair of lace panties. She walked back over to him and straddled his lap. When she sat down she could feel the hardness of his erection between her legs pressing at the opening of her sex through her panties.

Nikki reached behind her placing her hands on his knees leaning back she offered her supple breasts and taunt nipples to him. Putting his hands around her small waist Josh pulled her forward so he could taste her.

“Mmmmm, yes you certainly know what to do to make a girl happy, that warm mouth of yours and that tongue, Ohhh, yes that’s nice, yes.”

Josh continued to tease and suckle her nipples, darting his tongue between them licking and taking small bites.

Nikki placed her hands on his shoulders for balance; she began moving her hips over his erection teasing him and giving her self a bit of pleasure at the same time, soon her panties were so wet they made the front of his pants damp from her juices, his hard shaft pulsing, begging to be freed from its clothed confinement.


  1. That was a very sexy little tidbit. I had a coach I fantasized like that about in high school. This little girl got to live her daydream! Very sexy indeed. Loved it <3 xo

  2. It appears she has had experience with something more than a massage she fantasizes with her coach. Very intense sexually, arousing scene.

  3. This one got very interesting. I got hooked into it. Nice piece!